Monday, 3 February 2014

We knew we had to go out and do, so we did!

Area: Virginia Beach, VA
Companion: Sister Szabo
January 27, 2014

IT SNOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited it started snowing Tuesday and I almost started crying I was so happy to see snow. Next morning though we got a text from the ZL saying that it was a no driving day and we weren't allowed to go out until 12 and we had to have a hat and gloves. And of course where we live it is like no where close to anyone in the ward but we knew that we had to go out and do, so we did. I loved it being out walking was so much fun but the wind is so cold like its worse than back home, it bites way worse. So that day we walked 4.5 miles pretty crazy but it didn't even feel that long at all and we loved every minute of our day. This week has been so awesome we have done so much for the ward honestly we are doing service almost everyday and I love it! Its funny cuz people ask if its weird to be in jeans and I just laugh and tell them its always been weird to wear jeans.....hahaha cuz we all know it is for me! Yesterday was so awesome we had three less actives come to church two of them for all three hours and one we have no idea when she showed up. The people of this ward are amazing there are so many sisters I've met that I just look up to so much. They all have such strong faith in Christ. Honestly just about every word out of their mouth talks about their faith in Christ its amazing and reminds me a lot of you mum. One day I hope to have as much faith as the amazing women in my life. Mum about the picture I've got one from the beach from my very first Sunday here that I can send it to you and the scripture I like is Alma 42:31. Grocery shopping is ridiculous only for me though because I'm such a pig every other week I run out of the main stuff and buy like tons of food but this week for grocery's my list isn't that long. I'm doing great at keeping track and I don't have to buy that much food because they feed us so well and one of the guys in the stake works for a bakery and so he gives the wards free bread! My wardrobe is working out beautifully I did my best to try and not get sick of it and for the most part I have done pretty good I have satisfied myself with buying a couple new pairs of earrings, some headbands and a new pair of sunglasses so I'm doing pretty good right now. Honestly not very good I've been struggling with getting up on time because of being home sick I'm trying to do better and have the past couple of days but its really a struggle for me right now. I sent a letter with letters for each one of the kids and two for you and dad. I love you lot and lots and miss you even more!

Love Sister Cahoon

Having fun taking pictures

Yum, yum! I spy popcorn in bed!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful :(

Thankful to be tucked up warm inside tonight!

View from the apartment

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