Monday, 3 February 2014

As long as I prepare something, the Lord will fill my mouth!

Area: Virginia Beach, VA
Companion: Sister Szabo
January 6, 2014

Thanks so much dad!! I just don't know where to buy a coat all we have in our area is a target, walmart and tjmax so I didn't know if I could find a good enough raincoat. That's so crazy that Tanners home. I should really write those Elders but I just don't really have the time with all the emails I have to send! How was playing basketball did it happen? Teddy that quote is absolutely amazing I love it!! how's school? how's basketball? Kendra you are one lucky girl babysitting on new years eve was one of my favorite times to babysit! Benny I feel soooo bad I forgot to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Jeana I'm so glad that you are such a good big sister to Olivia and that is so crazy that she is a sunbeam now! Is she the only one in here class?  Livy....I love you so much big girl that is so awesome that you go to primary now! 

a day in the life of me. Friday January 3 2014

Today was awesome! We had district meeting and I did my very first "training" on service and I sparked a light in our district to do service not only as missionaries but with our ward as well. I was crazy nervous before I started teaching but as I talked the words started to just pour out of my mouth. I know that it is a gift that the Lord has given me not only in my mission but in my life. As long as I prepare something the Lord will fill my mouth with everything. The rest of our day was spent doing weekly planning and the Ankney family invited us over for dinner because we didn't have one tonight. I love their family! After dinner we went over to the Sanchezes to take something back and got to see their new puppy that they got for Christmas. Its a Bermise Mountain dog and I just about died.

Love Sister Cahoon 

I want you to know dad that your daughter has once again managed to scare away all the young men she comes in contact with! :P We were playing oompa loompa and well lets just say instinct kicked in and Elder Romney put it the best way when he said " I don't want to play anymore if I'm not on the same team as Sister Cahoon." The Elders are so awesome in my zone and in the stake I love them all and have so much respect for every missionary that I work with! I'm running out of time and still have to write President Baker so until next time! 


Sister Cahoon

Bring in the New Year right! (Martinelli's sparkling apple cider)

Happy New Year!

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