Monday, 3 February 2014

Exchanges, Great Ward, Letter to Elder Cahoon

Area: Virginia Beach, VA
Companion: Sister Szabo
January 20, 2014

Hi Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this week started out ridiculous. We went into Norfolk to see a battleship museum but Sister Whittle didn't know it was closed so we spent the day walking around downtown Norfolk. It's just like downtown Calgary but instead of cow statues it has mermaids. I do have a picture of the outside of the ship that I will send. We have done so much service this week its awesome mostly helping people organize and pack to move. Wednesday and Thursday this week were crazy and awesome! I had my first exchanges, and it was a blast. Usually we exchange at night after everything that day but because of our schedule we had to do it on Wednesday at 3. I stayed here with Sister Snow and Sister Szabo went to Great Bridge. Sister Snow is so awesome she's from Cali and has been out a year (she actually hit her year mark on Thursday.) It was so awesome on Thursday we went out and contacted former's so I got to do my first door approaches and we got a new investigator. Also we had an interesting experience as we were leaving one of the former's houses Sister Snow saw a lady and just waved to her as we were driving a away but about 10 minutes and a few blocks later Sister Snow says that we need to go back and talk to the lady so we turned around and drove back. We knocked on her door and no one opened so we left a card and walked away. I was a little confused as to why Sister Snow had gotten the prompting to go back and see her. When we got back in the car Sister Snow turned to me and said remember this when you have a prompting......I was super confused but then she continued and said I just waited to long before I turned around. We haven't heard from the lady but I do know that Sister Snow had a prompting to go see her and I know that it was a lesson I needed to learn. Saturday we also had a cool experience. It was the Relief Society breakfast and we had invited a few less actives and had some sisters invite some as while. Well Saturday morning came and went and it was interesting to see that that the only ladies that showed up were those invited my members. It was a moment that Sister Szabo and I realized was rather important for us to be reminded how important members are. I love this ward, before I got here the Bishop gave out a ward mission plan and asked that each family make a family mission plan and so that has been our focus. So many of the members are willing to do missionary work they just don't know where to start. Yesterday we went to help the Giffords move. They are a super awesome couple with a super awesome background. Both were born and raised in the church and for whatever reason they fell away and then got married. When Sister Szabo got here they were not active and didn't really want anything to do with the Church but now only a few months later they went through the temple on Saturday. It was a super happy moment for both Sister Szabo and I. 

Somethings that I've thought about while studying that will help the family are scripture study, family prayer and FHE. I know I'm not a great example of any of those things but I have seen the blessing of doing what the prophets and apostles have told us.

I want you to know that I'm still such a pig honestly I think I eat more here then I did at home I eat more then Sister Szabo.......and the Elders. No I don't like pig out at meals in members homes but I easily eat whatever they put on my plate and sometimes even go for seconds. And I'm still constantly hungry! :P Couple questions 1. Is it a bad thing that one of my wisdom teeth has cut through already... I mean it doesn't hurt but I thought I would ask. 2. What is the Hermanas name that is serving in this mission and had to go to Walmart to find Spanish people? 3. Could I pretty please have the story of Nephi that dad used to tell? 4. Mum who was the Elder that you were reading their blog and you said I would have to check myself? :P and last may I please get a resent photo of the family and a picture of Daniel closer to the beginning of his mission?

The most ridicules thing happened yesterday that made me so homesick I almost started to cry. When we were at the Giffords getting ready to leave they had closed all the door so the dogs would get out and then opened the back door to let them in and all of a sudden I heard. "Backdoor beep beep." man I almost started bawling. I miss you all. Send the family my love and tell everyone I would love to hear from them whether by email or especially by letter even though I know how expensive that is! 

Chrissy and Teddy good luck with finals I'll be praying for you! 

Kenny hows basketball, school and your drawing?

Benjamin I miss you bud how's school and basketball going?

Jdog how many days till your birthday you big girl? How's primary?

Livie I miss you boo!!!!!! Hows sunbeams? Are you taking care of mummy for me?

Mum I love you and miss you every day!!! The other day I was feeling gross and all I wanted was to climb into your lap and cuddle with you! 

Daddy........You are amazing!!! I took you and mum so much for granted. I miss you everyday and I can't wait to give you a big hug when I get home! Thank you so much for the coat and the sweater I don't think you will ever fully understand how much it means to me that you sent those! Have you been able to order my ring yet?

Love Sister Cahoon (Lala, Luki, Kayla, Mikaela, Mac)

(Sister Cahoon's letter to Elder Cahoon, you will have to guess what the questions were, I just have the answers, haha!) 


Um so that's a ton of questions!!! Are those inspired questions or are you still working on that ?:P

Its not really that cold here I mean the lowest its gotten is like 20F but mostly it stays around 40 and 50. I'm at least 30 min away from the ocean but I did get to go my first Sunday here one of the families in the ward took us. It's messed up!!! They do have accents and they talk way funny like words like Norfolk and Portsmouth are pronounced Norfik and Portsmith its weird and kinda really entertaining. I get $150 a month but I don't think I've spent more then $50. We get fed so well here! I will send them as soon as I take them I keep forgetting! ;p We went to see formers for the very first time on Thursday and it scared me to death but it was so cool cuz as soon as the door opened talking to them about the gospel just felt natural it was way cool! We have a car and its a little scary the drivers around here are absolutely crazy!! No we don't have ipads yet...... I'm gonna try cuz theres a ton of them! Its hard people are so involved in their church already the don't want to change its insane there's a church on like every corner and a few in between its crazy! Also EVERYBODY smokes it's so gross! Our area takes like 40 min to drive from one end to the other....I don't know how big it is really. I love my area the ward is amazing! Its like Chris and Holly's ward mixed with our ward back home...honestly my first Sunday here I felt like I was right at home! There's 4 sets and the crazy part is we only cover two wards there is both a set of elders and sisters in almost every ward in our stake and its so big that it is split into two different zones! I invite every person I talk to to be baptized but sadly because we have a car that's not very many people. We are teaching 3 people right now. I have no clue what the baptism rate is around here and I can't remember the standard of excellence right now.... I know great missionary huh! He is a boss he's so awesome and so powerful when he teaches I'm so excited cuz we have interviews tomorrow! There was 6 of us 3 elders and 3 sisters. I have no idea I haven't heard of anyone who has yet so who knows! pday is Monday, we usually go play oompa loompa as a zone...well both zones. (its like ultimate frisbee, basketball played with a football) its our kind of game. Last week we were going to go to a battleship museum but it was closed so we just walked around downtown Norfolk. I love personal study and wish it was longer its so good and I learn so much. I have a love hate relationship with being trained I know that the 12 week program is good and helpful and I learn a ton from it but honestly most days and just want to get out and get going! :PI love you too!!! Its so crazy that we are both serving at the same time!! I can't wait until the day we can sit down and talk about our missions together I'm so happy for all the success you are having and dang you look good seriously your going to come how as fit as you've every been and I'm going to have to buy all new clothes while I'm out here! Love you long time. Thank you soooo much for being the best big brother ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Sister Cahoon

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