Monday, 3 February 2014

Being on a Mission is Amazing!

Area: Virginia Beach, VA
Companion: Sister Szabo
December 23, 2013
Ahhhh it sounds like you guys are having an absolute blast!! Well everyone that I talk to tells me that this is a crazy time to jump into the mission but I am loving every minute of it! Sister Szabo is amazing I am learning so much from her everyday, its like having an older sister around and I love it! I am slowly getting to know the members of the ward and Sister Szabo is awesome enough to give me a little background on each person be for we go to dinner or after I have met them. We have gone to see a few less actives and even though I just met them I love them already. This ward is amazing, the people I'm getting to work with are amazing and being on a mission is amazing!

Love Sister Cahoon

K so this is probably going to be a letter that bounces around lots and that's because I have a lot to tell you and I lost the original and I'm gippy so here it goes! I totally can't remember if I told you or not but I finally saw Elder Jones so all the Mckenzie missionaries got a picture.The flight into Norfick (yes I did spell it wrong but that's how they pronounce it so that's how I'm gonna spell it) was so cool cuz I got a window seat and got to see all of the lights from the towns and cities we flew over! One of the APs is the only other Canadian in the whole mission. Elder Edis is from Vancouver BC. My companion Sister Szabo is amazing! She is from American Fork, knows Jenna Abram and has been in Kempsville her whole mission so far (7months) Our apartment is huge I have my own bathroom and walk in closet!( I don't have pictures yet but I will) On Friday we had a Mission Christmas "party" Program and we watched the Muppet's a Christmas Carol, weird I know. Our mission is so big that most of the things they do they have to do it twice because they missionaries in North Carolina are so far way. It takes 7 hours to drive from as far north to as far south as we are allowed to go! On Saturday we had district meeting, there's the Salum ward Elders (Elder Snow and Elder Breallyhardtospell) and Sisters (Sister Whittle and Sister Landin) and The Kempsville Elders (Elder Muncy and Elder Vosika) and Sisters (Sister Szabo and Sister Cahoon) It was super awesome I learned so much and we had tons of fun! Yesterday after church we got to go to the Beach!!!! I'll tell you more about it on Christmas but it was a blast!! This morning we went and played oompa loompa (its ultimite frisbee with a football and you have to shoot it to get a point.0 It was so much fun our zone is absolutly awesome! But of course like my accident prone self I jammed my finger! :P I'm running out of time but I love you lots and lots! The weather around here is nuts that's all I have to say about it! I hope you all have a super amazing time at the Sugar Bowl and tell EVERYONE that I love and miss them....okay maybe not everyone but you get the idea!

Love Sister Cahoon

P.S. my address is 904 Timber Valley Way Apt 132 Virginia Beach VA 23464

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