Wednesday, 11 December 2013

First P-Day

Area: MTC
Companion: Sister Boatright
December 6, 2013

Oh my goodness I don’t even know where to start!! It feels way longer then almost two full days that you guys dropped me off! So for starters I haven’t taken any pictures yet......I know I know. But it’s kinda hard because you aren’t aloud to take your bag to most places except your classroom and the times you do have your bag you’re rather pressed for time but I promise I will get some for you. In my district there are four companionships, 2 elders and 2 sisters. My Companion is Sister Boatright She is from St George UT. Our roommates are Sister Despain and Sister Thurston from Illinois and Alanta. Me and my companion are both head to Virginia as well as another sister and three elders from our zone. And the rest of our zone is headed to salt lake west or south. Which mission is Elder Brooks Serving in? The Elders in my District are Elder Meaker (Washington) Elder Munton (muntin, Riverside Cali) Elder Gladhill (Illinois) And Elder Stevens (I can’t remember right now) I’m the only Canadian in my zones as of Tuesday of our zone leaders Elder Anderson is from Barnwell, Alberta. The Canada jokes didn't start till last night/this morning cuz I said bag and so now Elder Munton and Meaker say it the I do. Also Elder Meaker decided that he was going to call me Sister Calhoon cuz it’s funny and reminds him of the best two years. And not even a day and a half in I have a nickname (aside from Canada and Calhoon) and its district mum! (I don’t tell people what to do I just know where to going and where they put stuff.) Random fun fact out of the 8 people in my district 4 of us are left handed 2 elders and 2 sisters. I've seen both Elder Wilsher and Pronk but I haven’t been close enough to talk to them and haven’t seen them since the first day. Super cool there’s a brother and sister here from England that reported the same day! How cool would that be!! I met an elder from Brisbane AU and his sister is serving in the Calgary mission I don’t remember the last name but I’ll let you know when I remember! It was funny cuz I was talking to the one elder the rest of his district where standing behind him and they are all from either Australia, Fiji (which is where they are headed) or UT and so when I mentioned that I was from Canada they brought out the usual "eh" joke. I just started laughing and then with as much a straight face I could you I said " No...not where I'm from." and then the missionary who said it kind a looked sorry and asked if it wasn’t funny and I replied laughing that no it was funny it’s just not something you say in Western Canada its more eastern that says that. I do have to say that people teasing you cuz your Canadian is so much better with an accent (I've had a few similar experiences to this one with different elders from all over the world.) Mum have you ordered my ring? How did the kids take me leaving? any ideas of how I can sleep better I’m having a bit of trouble with that! I got to see one of the elders from the District videos he works here on campus now. I feel like there is so much to tell you (which there is but it’s all stuff that is really hard to put in words for me) I love you all very much I hope you have had an amazing rest of the week. 
Stay sweet 
Sister Cahoon

p.s. I'm a STL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Hey! That's so cool..It sounds like things are going fabulously! Crazy enough could the Elder from Brisbane be called Elder Bogart?? Because we have a sister in our ward here in Coventry and she is from Brisbane...Very cool...Love you heaps and heaps!!! xoxoxoxo